Publications at your fingertips. Tailor-made communication.

When you are on a plane at an altitude of 10,000 feet, you resort to it. During those long wait times at the doctor’s office, they are ready and waiting for you. During those somewhat informal, yet somewhat professional conversations, it is always useful to say that you read about a given subject in last weeks’ edition. For companies and institutions that need to communicate and interact with certain audiences, there it is, attractive and well wrapped, at the fingertips of clients and associates.

In case you did not notice, we are talking about a format that has permeated our routine and reading habits for decades: magazines.

According to a survey carried out by the Brazilian Association of Magazine Publishers (ANER), magazines are read when you are alone, concentrated, paying maximum attention. The reader chooses when he will be impacted and, in this way, advertising becomes content. Magazines communicate efficiently. They establish regular dialogs with their readers and influence their consumers.

No matter the subject, no matter the discussion, those who read magazines have an opinion; and influence the opinions of others!

Of course, the digital environment has impacted the publications market for several years. The circulations of large publications and large publishing houses have been decreasing year by year. The result: an unprecedented crisis in the large newsrooms of the world and attempts to adapt to this new reality. On the other hand, according to data compiled by ANER, the number of titles has increased significantly over the last decade. To give you an idea, now there are more than 4,000 titles in circulation in Brazil.
Why is this so? Segmentation.

Readers have started to seek publications that address specific subjects in order to maintain themselves informed; and advertisers have followed in their footsteps to consolidate their brands and talk to specific audiences. Likewise, another important product for the publishing market has gained momentum: customized publications.

Many companies and institutions have seen the benefits of having their own publications. In the information age, in which everyone produces content, sharing information from a safe source is a social currency. For this reason, editorial content is a synonym of engagement.

Learn about the following benefits of creating your own publication:

  • They help companies that offer services (intangible goods) make their brand more concrete;
  • They emphasize the organization’s position;
  • They intensify relations with clients;
  • They materialize a brand’s philosophy;
  • They benefit the company’s institutional image;
  • They help customer retention;
  • They establish more permanent dialogs between brands and consumers;
  • They attract new clients.

With over ten years experience in the market, RS Press has the prowess necessary to plan and create editorial as well as graphic projects, in addition to produce – compose, edit, proofread and design – customized publications. Over these ten years, our company has accounted for approximately 400 publications, including customized magazines as well as institutional and internal communication publications, for clients in healthcare, trade unions, medical as well as patient associations, industry and business.

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